Saturday, July 23, 2011

Special thanks

A very special thanks to Jen Anderson and for the excellent new layout.

If anyone needs any website or graphic design help, her work is top class.


  1. "Hi ,

    This invitation is a little bit out of left field but sometimes the best ones are, right?

    I'm writing a book (!) and I'm looking for some real-world feedback from professionals who can tell me what is important to them, just to keep the book relevant.

    It shows how professional services like law firms can get themselves up to speed with what is going on in the rest of the world, quickly!

    If you'd be happy to add some intelligent touches to what I think will be a very useful book then I would be delighted to receive your input.

    In return, I would be delighted to send you the first copy of the book (signed) and I would like it if I could include your name as one of the contributors (only with your express permission)

    Many, many thanks in advance

    Wayne Butcher
    +61 2 8006 2144"

  2. Wayne, would love to follow up with you, but does not like to call overseas. Please leave a US number or an email.

    Best Regards.